School Principal Message

The baton of leadership of K.V.I.I.T. Powai changed hands in September 12,2022. With umpteem years behind me, I delve upon a beautiful vision for this Vidyalaya too, as I did for the past-institutions where my visions had become a reality.
A vision not only to scale the present heights of achievements of the Vidyalaya but also to add to the texture and quality of it. To build an environment for both the teachers and the taught to achieve excellence in all that they do. It will be my endeavours to spot the sparks of the Board classes, to entail, them to achieve entry to coveted professions of their choice. Every effort to make this Vidyalaya one of its kinds would be my goal.
The strength of the Vidyalaya, are the Staff, Students and the Parents. With the needs of students as a pivotal point, PTA and staff will be in liaison at all times to bestow the best to the children.
A motivated teacher infuses a motivated mind. My ardent effort would be to build around me highly kindled faculty ever enthused to lead the young minds in the right direction. It will be my mission to share strong rapport with all my faculty members and other colleagues. Frequent sessions with children, to resolve all their problems, will be my priority, at all times. It is my strong belief that with motivation-evolves a sense of inspiration, which fructifies a well blossomed whole. My aim would be to give to this immediate world of ours, the most colorful blossoms.
Without a target, no mission can be meaningful. To give to the students the best, to the parents the utmost and the society at large, the magnificent , will be my only concern.
For the best growth of the Vidyalaya I would cherish, any valuable input from any quarter. The ultimate aim being the well being of the children that their Vidyalaya houses.

V. S. Wankhade